Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Three Ways to Sell Jewelry For Cash

You know it's easy to make some extra money selling jewelry? Most of us lost some old earrings, bracelets or that we are just tired of wearing. They may be out of style, can be broken, or we just do not like them anymore.

You getting rid of them because you think, "good jewelry can be avoided, and I was so expensive to get rid of that hate. The good news is that your old jewelry, even if it worse is broken or out of style, still a lot of money may be worth trying just a little bit of you in your pocket with money that can turn into jewelry. there. Three simple to sell jewelry to get a good return on it or you can sell old jewelry online. way through an auction house, you have a yard sale, or a scrap gold buyer sell gold and diamonds of any are.

Vintage Jewelry trying to sell to collectors

First as E-bay or through a property dealer listed on the site by your gold, sell like a good idea if you 1920 or before some really valuable old pieces. These pieces are valued by collectors and can bring top dollar, but only work excellent condition with all fasteners, etc.

Down to sell their jewelry is the way it works with very specific pieces cost you some money. You open an e-bay account to pay for items list and monitoring the auction itself, which can be time consuming need. If you choose to specialize in the sale of a property, they work for you, but a huge commission on any sales charge. Alternatively, at a fraction of their real value can outright purchase your jewelry. And, of course, they can pick and choose only a few pieces, you sell your jewelry on your own with the rest left.

If you love yard sales, you out during your next sale of gold, silver or platinum jewelry can try to put something. Of course, it's hit or miss. Until the right buyer shows up, you will not be much. If you're lucky, of course, can and someone who loves the style you want to wear now looks. But be careful with this approach. If you do not know the buyer, to ask for money or, if they have a personal Czech, confirming their identity and get a phone number and driver's license number.

To sell scrap gold jewelry buyers

Simple and easy way to sell the jewelry to gold buyers. There are companies that gold jewelry by now so that it can be melted down coins, bullion or reused in dozens of new ornaments are. The benefit is to get a price per troy ounce being relatively close to the price on the market today, and you have little to report.

A reputable gold buyer you clear, detailed instructions on how to send your jewelry will send an envelope with. They have to pay postage to receive your jewelry, you have to call you once they receive it. You will be quoted a price, and all you pay or do not want to accept if you decide!

If you want top dollar for your gold, gold buyers to set some aside to give a good price for the online sites to compare prices. Jewelry, precious stones that you have to sell diamonds as a buyer is that you will give an estimate on the value of the stones to look. You if you lose a considerable amount of gold with gemstones and earrings that may be.

And gold coins and old gold as other types of fillings, be sure to forget about! You a little more cash to send these as well. Since most buyers are interested in platinum and sterling silver, a gold buying company often the best route to sell their old jewelry. They buy it all, regardless of style and status will be. You broken bracelet, boring old gold necklace and diamond ring you wear now and you pay money for gold in both rock and send. Just think, you can easily make some extra money is impressive when you have jewelry that is still taking space in your drawer can sell!


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